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Tell us how your library manages interlibrary loan borrowing on behalf of other libraries

Thank you for agreeing to participate in a pilot of new WorldShare Interlibrary Loan functionality for libraries that manage interlibrary loan borrowing on behalf of other libraries.

We are finalizing preparations for the initial release of new features in WorldShare ILL that will simplify the way you manage requests for other libraries. This release is scheduled to occur on Sunday, November 10, 2013. Once the new functionality is available, we will proceed with the pilot.

Your participation in the upcoming pilot program will insure that your library has fully implemented new, more efficient workflows offered by WorldShare ILL well in advance of the discontinuation of your use of WorldCat Resource Sharing.

Please complete this form to provide information that will help us set up your library for participation in this pilot.

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*Institution Type
Please provide a brief explanation of how your members initiate requests:
What is the approximate member count of your Referral Group?

How many requests per month do you fill in WorldCat Resource Sharing?

Are requests created by patrons or member library staff?

  Member library staff

Are requests reviewed / authorized by member libraries before forwarding them to the Referral Center?


How are items delivered?

  Items are received by the Referral Center and forwarded to member libraries
  Items are sent directly from the lender to the member library

Does the Referral Center create requests on behalf of its member libraries’ patrons?


What is your preferred timeframe to begin training on the new functionality?

  Week of December 9, 2013
  Week of December 16, 2013
  Week of January 6, 2014
  Week of January 13, 2014

Special Code: WorldShareILLreferralcenter
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